MMTed Q&A – Episode 4

Here is Episode 4 in our weekly MMTed Q&A series. There will also be some music for those who like to find some different music. This week we experimented with a different format and further reduced the length.

MMTed Q&A – Episode 4

This is Episode 4 in the MMTed Q&A series.

This week I met up with the convenor of the Melbourne MMT Discussion Group, Joshua Dalton while I was working in Melbourne.

He came into MMT from a scientific background and was curious about why opportunities for his generation and society in general were not being taken and the wastage was justified by economists under the guise of fiscal constraints and all the rest of the mainstream smokescreens.

He had many questions that he sought answer to.

In this Episode we start at the beginning.

The two questions we discuss in this episode are:

1. Where does the money come from?

2. Why does the Australian federal governments issue debt?

The video goes for 18:265 minutes. We are working towards making the segment shorter.

This is the – YouTube link – for the video.

We are still experimenting with format, environments, etc.

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Music today – Bunny Lee and the Aggrovators

The Aggrovators – were a session band in the studio of – Bunny Lee – in Jamaica during the late 1970s into the 1980s.

It was a loose group of musicians that came together when Lee was producing new artists.

It included all the great reggae/dub musicians of the era (check them out if you are interested).

This song – Raving Sound – was taken from a 1977 album – Sticky Fingers – released by the studio with the feature artist – Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith – one of the great Jamaican guitar players who worked with The Aggrovators.

His style defined the guitar playing of the era and he appeared on many albums as a studio musician.

He also was the mainstay of the band – Soul Syndicate – which produced several memorable albums (many of which are on my regular playlist).

His first guitars were made from sardine cans and fishing line!

That is enough for today!

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